Sunday, 7 September 2014

Again in Kletterpark Kärnten, Mühldorf, Austria

We were setting there for two days and half and 18 routes from rope (5a - 6c+) and 20 bouldres were done. It was great work. We are looking forward to the next visit. Thank you for inviting.

Vilda´s setting
Olin´s setting
Boulder Gym and Vilda rotate hold:D

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Kletterhalle Judenburg, Austria

Last week, we were setting in Kletterhalle Judenburg. During two days, we set 25 routes in scale difficulty between 3 - 7c. It was really good time in great ambience. Thank you for inviting.

Mascot of the climbing gym in Judenburg
Central Wall
View from the platform
Olin´s carrying holds
Vilda´s choosing holds
Precision work

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Last month

Last month, between another jobs, we were setting together with Viktor Pařízek in several climbing gyms: Bigwall (4 days), Kladno (6 days) and Makak (Jablonec) (3 days). It was, as always, nice work and we hope, that these new routes delights climbers.

Working on yellow 7c
Tuning starting moves
Makak climbing gym
Vilda and Viktor

Friday, 6 June 2014

3rd Round Rock Point Czech Cup in Bouldering ,,BoulderX,,

Pictures of our Routesetting for 3rd Round Czech Cup in Prague. Thank Jirka Oliva very much for beautiful Pictures.

Marian Šeliga in Men Final # 2
Linda Gundová in Women Final # 2
Zuzka Ulrichová in Women Final # 2

Saturday, 3 May 2014

BoulderAirea, Germany

We were invited to Feilnbach in Germany. Uwe and his crew have here a very nice outdoor boulder wall. We set 50 new boulders:-)!

Vilda´s setting hard yellow problem:-)
Boulder wall

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Big Boulder Open 2014

Before Big Boulder Open 2014 we were setting for 2 days in Boulder Bar, where started next round of every month´s competition and 40 boulder were done. With cooperation with Viktor Pařizek we have been preparing 28 qualification boulders and 10 finals. It was great work in good atmosphere.

Holds for competition
Olin´s setting
Vilda´s thinking:)
Panorama gym

Monday, 14 April 2014


Title of this article is a acronym for high school in the Lesser town in Prague, near Charles bridge. Last week I have been working there for three days, firstly I removed old routes ( there were for three years), cleaned holds and then set 10 new routes - in difficulty scale between 3 - 6b. Then I reset small boulder and made small  construction for fingerboard.
I would like to thank  teachers and headmaster of "Malgym" for their support of climbing as "normal" sport activity.

Setting Routes

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Makak climbing arena

We have been working for two days in Jablonec nad Nisou and during these two days we set 10 routes between 5c – 7b. Makak climbing arena is nice climbing wall with great crew, which always thinking about some improvements, so it was nice work in friendly environment. We are looking forward to next visit. Thank you.

Olin´s working
One of the part wall

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Last week

Last Thursday I was approached by Honza Zbranek, because he had no time to set one training route for Czech junior representation on their training camp in climbing centre Smichoff. Due absence greater number of holds I set direct, hard hitting 8a+  route, which gradate in the end. I hope, that the representatives enjoyed this route.
In Monday I was again setting on Bigwall - 12 boulder were set, between 5 - 7C.
In Tuesday and  Wednesday we were setting with Olin in Boulder Bar and 40 boulders were done.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Big Wall Open 2014

After arriving from Austria, we have been participating on comp Big Wall Open. It was something like end of winter league with one qualification day, where was 10 qualification routes between 4 - 7c+. Second day were semifinals and finals, where started climbers, who climbed best first day + climbers, which were winners winter one month comps + Adam Ondra.
In semifinals we prepaired 7b+ for women and 7c+ for man. In this round was quite big scattering efficiency between climbers, so routes were starting around 6c and slowly gradate. In women category was achieved one top and two tops in men.

Eliška Vlčková in Women Semifinal

Finals were little bit similar, womes were 7c and mens 8b+ (until ¾ part of wall, until headwall it was something around 8a+). Two tops in women category and no top in men (Adam fall two steps under top and it was great to watch him fighting).

Jan Jeliga in Men Semifinal
Adam Ondra in Men Semifinal

I think, it was great comp and thank all of competitors for coming.

In Monday and Wednesday we set on left big pillar new 5 routes between 6a – 8a+.

New routes